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Food & Balanced Diet

life would be easier if someone just invented a food substance pre-packaged in servings that were 20g protein, 10 g fiber, and less than 5g sugar. All for under 120 calories. And low fat. And filling.

Then I could just eat 3 of them a day as snacks and breakfast..... and a REALLY trashy bad for you meal.

oh- they should totally taste like grilled cheese sandwiches with fresh tomatoes.

If you can't tell I'm counting intakes again. I'm alternating 1 month counting 2 months not counting. mostly because I start obsessing about food blogs when I'm counting.
(I only count protein fiber and sugar because I'm not really a health nut, and I found that if I only counted calories then I ended up not eating a balanced diet. Fiber is a good count of my veggies, protein is a good count of my meats, and sugars & calories represent how much junk food I'm splurging on.)

I want this:
and this:
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