Lily (leimon_malakoi) wrote,

Turtles all the way down.

This morning I saved a turtle from un-assured destruction. He was chilling in the middle of the road on my mountain. Little turtle head high.
I stopped, moved him to the grass (he hissed at me and shelled up), then moved on with (my) life.

My turtle karma balance is still not in my favor. but maybe it was the same turtle from 66 yesterday, and the same turtle from 66 the day before. I must rescue another turtle from destruction and then I will be neutral balance.

Really box turtles should not be on the shoulder of 66... it just isn't safe.

In other news- I have 'officially' moved out of the town house. All I need to do is change my address with the official channels.
I like the mountain, but not with the commute.
Tags: turtle
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