Lily (leimon_malakoi) wrote,

Guess What I set fire to....

Wednesday night I drove home, and discovered roads covered in black ice. After being warned by the nice police man, and watching the (purple) convertible perform road ballet.... Let’s just say following distance of a semi or so is not always a bad thing. I passed a ton of cars that had spun out into ditches, one that was facing traffic in the fast lane, a three-fer in a ditch (it looks like the good Samaritans shouldn't have tried to stop), and someone who took out a guard rail. I've been saying 14 disabled in a ditch cars, and 2 spun out in traffic cars. But really - other than the two spin outs I couldn't tell you for absolutely positive how many cars were distressed by the roads. I don't have low gear... I don't have gears in the traditional definition... I have variable slip transmission.
But I do have battery recharge... Which is kind of like low gear because it drags the wheels during coasting. It isn't suction cups on tires, but it makes crossing the blue ridge on black ice easier.

Long story short, I made it to our mountain, only to lose it on the way up and ALMOST take out a guard rail. My ninja is fine. But I must accept the fact - that car is not meant for winter roads and icy conditions. theljless came out to rescue me, and drive my car home, because by that point I was in tears.
Then I couldn't make Rumble Truck drive in a straight line.... I could go backwards, and I could go diagonally, but I couldn't go straight. That's when I started screaming. I am very glad I was alone in a vehicle for that part, I think bad things would have happened if someone else was there. I couldn't even drive a heavy 4 wheel drive vehicle in less than an inch of snow over black ice.
Frustration makes me hit a point where I am determined to do something no matter how hard it is. I considered going down the mountain in reverse. After all- I could back up "Just Fine, thank you."
That’s when theljless came back to find me... the E brake was on.

It was a terrible drive home. So I worked from home yesterday (Thursday).
And it was cold.
So I started a fire, and I did my best to get a nice hot burn going. I did a really good job of it, too. One might say I did an excellent job of getting a hot fire going.

Do you get where I am going here?

The long and short of it is - the fire department is really nice, and they didn't leave a huge mess. It was completely contained in the chimney, and it looks like there might have been some (previous) damage to the roof around there that will need to be repaired. I will definitely be buying theljless a new chimney. The fire department had to take it apart to get the fire out. Damn stubborn thing.

But the fire men were really nice. They put down tarps to try to keep the mess down, and the chief and I had a nice chat about the whole thing. I had that moment of in-appropriate desires to take a photo of the guys on the roof dismantling the chimney and send it to troy...
See - I have restraint.
theljless was really calm about the whole thing. Even when he was getting calls like, "Where is the fire extinguisher?" and "So.. I can't get to it to put it out, but it's Okay! I've called the fire department." and "I think the chimney is toast... I'll buy a new one." He's a real champ, and rather more tolerant than I deserve.

Now it is really cold at the house because there is a hole in the ceiling that lets all the heat out. And I can't start a fire to heat up the house....
Fire and I are not always best friends. So I'm working at work today.
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