Lily (leimon_malakoi) wrote,

new electric car lust

Apparently continuing my love of small, ugly, British race cars that take their tops off:
I would love to test drive one of these:

Okay- it isn't a race car. (it's a super car)
And - it doesn't take it's top off (yet)
And.... it isn't really nearly as ugly as most of the cars I love.

But it is electric!

You know- With a range of 225 miles- I'd like to own one of these.
They are scheduled for release next year (2012) but test drives should be as early as Fall this year. Exhibitionist modal is scheduled 2 years after. I like that they are re-doing the battery style. This isn't the Tesla, so none of that over 16 hrs to charge nonsense.
Still governed at 125 mph. but who cares! A- that is illegal for me to drive at those speeds anyway. B- my all time favorite car of my life has a top speed of only a little higher than that.

Of course I live in the US.... so I don't have access to charge stations. So it would be completely impractical. Unless my company were to install a charge station at my office for me. AND I could get one close to home.

Oh and the whole, I don't need a super car thing.... I can't even imagine the price. you can reserve one for 4,000 pounds or 5000 Ero. I don't think it will be in my budget. I did find an early 2000's Lotus used for $34K. I was tempted. The super 7 is one of my all time favorite vintage race cars. $34K buys an a whole lot of restoration to a bug eyed sprite.....
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