Lily (leimon_malakoi) wrote,

what have I been up to?

I'm learning to drive stick. (again) it is going WAY better this time. So far I haven't killed any bunnies nor have I put the car in a ditch.
By the way, this car is destined for the track, and I LOVE driving it - even if it is only in first & second gear.... but since first gear goes to 40 mph, it isn't like low gears = excessively low speeds.
I do need to learn to take the foot off the gas when switching gears. apparently that is some hereditary race car driver habit.

I'm settling into a routine, and taking more dance classes than ever before. I'm even considering a student showcase. my "Professional" performances were fun, but this is a totally new style, and I'm enjoying it. Now that I'm getting the hang of it (2 years later?) I can write up a bio saying 'has been dancing 6 years, has a strong professional background in cabaret'

theLJless got me a wii fit for yule - I got him a wii. We are both trying to loose 15 - 20 lbs. The wii tells me I am overweight. My personal goal is to make the pixles not tell me I am overweight. Maybe I'll even fit into my garb again.

I've settled into my position at work. I like it, but I suck at it. I'll get better. Really all I can say about it is: This week sucked. I'm ready for next week.
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