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food is not always food

I successfully made "not really" beef strogonoff for dinner last night. It was tasty, seat of my pants cooking, and I should write down the recipe for later.

Today I learned that a packet of ketchup and a package of texas pete when combined makes a terrible and smelly dip for my green beans.

I mean I'm still eating it so it can't be that bad. But it really is not at all tasty or good eats.

If anyone every wondered why I'm a terrible cook you can read my methods here:

-1 badly frozen and freezer burned steak thawed.
-garlic - diced
-1 can cream of mushroom soup (with roasted garlic flavor)
-The remits of a container of white mushrooms.
   It needed more mushrooms so I would suggest a full thing of white mushrooms and one of flavor mushrooms (like portabellas or shitake 'cause I like shitake.)
-a whole large sweet onion
-more garlic - diced
-yet more garlic - minced fine
-egg noodles
- olive oil
rosemary - a mid-sized pile in my palm that "looked right" then mushed between my hands to be loosely ground up.

heat a non Teflon skillet over medium heat with oil. I have metal implements so I have no Teflon when I cook.
Add the first 2 teaspoons of garlic.
Start the steak defrosting.
slice the onion then cut up the rings into strips or 1/2 in cubes whatever your preference.
When the garlic starts to sizzle - add the onions let them sizzle until some but not all have a little bit of Carmel. Drop the heat. Add some rosemary & cracked pepper.
let them get slighlt translucent a bit while you slice the mushrooms.
Add the mushrooms. Add the defrosted steak juices.
Let them cook with the onions until the onions are translucent and the mushrooms are starting to get a little cooked. add more garlic (half a spoon of the minced stuff)
Slice the steak into thin strips.
make a hole in the middle of your mess in the pan.
carefully brown the outside of your strips trying not to cook all the way though.
Cut your browned strips into cubes. The juices are good for the veggies.
Move the cubes on top of the veggies and dump your can o'soup on top.
Add 1.5 cans of milk swirling to get the last of the soup out.
add the last of the garlic.
Switch to a whisk get it all incorporated.
bring to a low boil (bubbles everywhere but not all crazy like.)

Start the timer for the noodles and make some noodles - mine took 6 min. It was prefect to reduce my runny gloop to sauce. don't forget to stir.
drain noodles, return to pot & dump in the sauce.
Remember you have half a can of corn in the fridge that should be used and soon. Dump that in, too.
let sit to thicken and heat up the corn.
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